Four Fabulous Adult Themed Parties


Themed parties are fun, energetic and designed to create memories for a lifetime. Every good party has snacks, entertainment and activities to keep party guests mixing and mingling. Stepping away from traditional streamers and confetti ice cream requires some creative thinking and advanced planning to pull it off with pizzazz and panache.

Host a Virtual Pary

When your birthday honoree is out of town, hosting a virtual party is a perfect way to delivery your best wishes. Planning and organization are the keys to a lively party.

    Select a chat room or forum for the gathering.
    Send electronic invitations to guests.
    Confirm a meeting time with your guest of honor.
    Select games like bejeweled bingo online, 8 ball or Rummicube.
    Choose decorations, party favors and virtual presents.
    Enjoy the party and skip the clean up after the fun!

Party on the Move

Planning a party that floats from location to location reduces decorating chores.

Obviously, a night at the concert hall to enjoy a performance of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons will look much different than an outing to the Super Bowl. When planning this type of party keep these tips in mind.

Many moveable parties are surprise parties that start with a small gathering of friends at the home of the guest of honor. the group then moves to a favorite restaurant for a celebratory dinner— remember to make the reservations early. Dining out ensures guests are dressed for the activities. T-shirts and jeans at the sports bar are great for moving on to the ball game. Likewise, dinner at an upscale restaurant that reuires jacket and tie prepares everyone for an evening at the opera.  After dinner, the honoree is surprised with tickets and whisked away to enjoy the surprise.   Finally, everyone gathers back at the original location to close the party. If a nightcap is part of the finale, remember to encourage designated drivers or offer to call the tipsy taxi for guests that over imbibe.

Fabulous Forties

Planning a party themed around fads of the 1970’s has lots of potential. The 1970s did not have games like Jackpotjoy bingo games for free, but there was silly string, play dough and the Magic 8 balls to keep us entertained.

Set the mood with some period music and black lights or sparkly disco balls. Order custom table covers printed with headlines from the guest of honors birth date. Use match-box cars and yo-yos for party favors.

For the munchies, grab the sterno and fondue pot. Melted chocolate, cheese and savory hot dips are perfect for dipping fruit, veggies and cubed hard-breads.

Encourage guests to bring gifts with a seventies twist.

Just For the Gals

Turning 30 is terrific even with the added responsibilities of juggling a career and family. Planning a spa party is one way to relax and unwind. Allow two to four hours for the party.

The easiest way to host a spa party is to let the neighborhood spa do all the planning and decorating, but having an intimate spa party at home is just as fun.

Set the mood with relaxing background music. Create a serene atmosphere with white terry cloth table covers, soft white robes, white lily table decorations and candles in subtle shades of white and off white.

Display guest supplies for a facial, large face cloths, manicure and pedicure treatments and essential oils for aroma therapy in natural baskets adorned with fresh flowers. Hire a masseuse for the guest of honor.

Serve fruit smoothies and fresh fruit skewers with mini muffins and imported cheese sticks.